Saturday Night Live this weekend featured country music star and The Voice mentor Blake Shelton as both the host and musical guest.

Cold Open: Inside the NFL

The Cold Open this week tackled “deflategate.” Bill Bellicheck (Beck Bennett) in a button-down shirt over a zip up hits the press conference podium, saying, “As you can see I’m taking this seriously. That’s why I got dressed up.” He then proceeds to throw his quarterback under the bus. When Tom Brady (Taran Killam) comes out, he puts the attention on his headwear: “This is a vintage hat. Pretty cool right?” When he’s accused of knowing a lot more than he’s letting on he shouts, “Whaaaaat?”

Opening Monologue

For his opening monologue, Shelton did a spin on the old variety show Hee Haw, which he called, “Laugh-In meets The Deliverance.” Most of the Saturday Night Live cast helped the country singer out throwing in one-liners and longer jokes as he strummed on his guitar.

Farm Hunk

Shelton played a version of Chris Soules in Saturday Night Live‘s satire of ABC’s The Bachelor. As for who is going home first, Shelton admits, “Probably both of the black girls and one of the crazy ones.” Pitching his town, he tells his potential future wives that there’s no one their age there and he’s gone for long stretches at a time. The female SNL stars come out one by one to “steal him for a second” and tackle all the kinds of characters The Bachelor attracts.

Wishing Boot

Wishing Boot poked fun at country music with cheesy lyrics and a music video to go along with them. Shelton, along with Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon, walk around an old warehouse in cowboy boots looking wistfully at the camera.  At the end, McKinnon observes, “We’re going to make so much f–king money off this song.”

Family Feud

The Voice vs American Idol Family Feud had the “metrosexual lumberjack” Blake Shelton, Adam Levine (Killam) asking for viewers to check out his proactive commercial, Pharell (Jay Pharoah) with his hat, the “as Latina as Taco Bell” Christina Aguilera (Cecily Strong), McKinnon reprising Keith Urban, Sasheer Zamata as Nicki Minaj, Bennett as Harry Connick Jr. and Kyle Mooney as Stephen Tyler.

Weekend Update

Colin Jost opened up Weekend Update with a quip about President Barack Obama‘s State of the Union, calling it, “When a patriot comes to play with fully inflated balls.” Weekend Update guests this week were Michael Che‘s high school pal Riblet (Bobby Moynihan) and his former girlfriend Nicole (Zamata).

Parole Hearing

Kenan Thompson plays a man sentenced to death seeking parole. No one on the parole board is even considering letting him go, as he’s the Texas Man Gobbler – and he just ate another person in prison the week prior. When asked what he’d like for his last meal, he suggests, “One Man? Two boys? One boy? Shake Shack?” In an epilogue it’s revealed he escaped from prison and ate a friend on the beach.

Topeka Today

Moynihan and Zamata host Topeka Today and have on an elderly man named Russell, who has honored his wife with a song arranged by Shelton. As the verses go on, it becomes apparent that Russell wasn’t too fond of his wife. “Our dinners were silent and we never had sex. I wish I killed you, but you choked on some corn,” sings Shelton. “I hate you, now I dance on your grave.”


Shelton took the lead as an overexcited audience member during a magician’s show. When the magician (Killam) says that he truly is capable of magic, Shelton shouts, “I wanna be a black guy, just for one day! Guns for hands! Chicken nuggets, I want chicken nuggets with ranch! Give me the power to go down on myself!” When he goes backstage to see if the last request works, he’s sorely disappointed, though proudly justified in not believing in magic

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton sang “Boys ‘Round Here” and “Neon Lights.”

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