Saturday Night Live returned from hiatus this week with Amazing Spider-Man 2 star Andrew Garfield as the host and a pair of musical performances by Coldplay.

Cold Open

SNL decided to tackle the whole Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling drama this week with Tarran Killam playing Andrew Silver talking to the media in the cold open. Bobby Moynihan as Donald Sterling, disgusted by Silver, said, “I thought he was one of us,” before saying that Magic Johnson is “one of the good ones” and announcing his plan to bring black men back to Africa. As for his new mistress, she’s three-quarters black. Sterling also has a black defender in the form of Dennis Rodman (Jay Pharaoh).

Andrew Garfield Monologue

For his opening monologue, Andrew Garfield didn’t exactly get to tell many jokes or say too much at all. His on-screen and off-screen love Emma Stone stopped by to support him and give him some pointers – as did Aidy Bryant. After they resolve to let him finish the monologue alone, he says he’ll just be himself, which neither Stone nor Bryant thought was a good idea.


Beck Bennett was the star of a commericial bit for Stanx, a new underwear that – instead of keeping in love handles – keeps in one’s gas. Instead of stinking up the conference room, the gassy guy holds it all in his Stanx, which inflate each time he lets it out. By the end of the day, when he comes home and takes them off, he ends up blowing up his entire apartment building.

Family Feud Music Addition

Garfield did his best Justin Timberlake impression for the Kenan Thompson-hosted Family Feud this week, which featured only musical guests. Nasim Pedrad played Bruno Mars, Noel Wells played Reba McIntryre, Kyle Mooney was Skrillex, Kate McKinnon played Shakira, Jay Pharaoh was Drake, Aidy Bryant was Adele and Killam took on Russell Crowe and his infamously bad singing in Les Miserables.

Oliver Twist

Although Garfield played Oliver Twist in the sketch, his performance was overshadowed by Cecily Strong, who played a grown woman named Deirdre that had taken up residence in the orphanage for unknown reasons. As a foil for the kind-hearted Oliver Twist, Deirdre just wanted some more food. “I’m not here to make friends. I’m just here to do me,” she says before commandeering Oliver’s second helping.

The Beygency

An ingenious spin on The Adjustment Bureau, The Beygency trailer follows a man (Garfield) running for his life after making a disparaging comment about Beyonce. By saying he wasn’t a fan of “Drunk in Love,” he’d committed a betrayal of his country. The trailer also featured a cameo by 24’s Keifer Sutherland.

Spider-Man Kiss

Stone joined Garfield onstage once more in a sketch that made the real life couple the butt of the joke. Filming the last scene for the Amazing Spider-Man 2, the couple, playing themselves, struggled to act out a kiss that would make the final cut. Apparently how they kiss in private isn’t what you’d call normal. Stepping up to save the day as Stone’s double was Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who donned a blond wig and planted one on Garfield for the movie’s final scene.


Coldplay performed tracks off their forthcoming album Ghost Stories, “Magic” and “A Sky Full of Stars.”

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