Saturday Night Live this weekend featured Amy Adams as the host and British boyband One Direction as the musical performers.

Saturday Night Live Recap

The cold open Saturday began with Taran Killam impersonating Sam Smith for a televised special called A Very Somber Christmas with Sam Smith. The broadcast was interrupted by Dr. Evil, who had some thoughts about the animosity between North Korean and Sony, including, “It’s like two bald men fighting over a comb.”

Opening Monologue

Adams’ opening monologue was a song and dance number about Christmastime in New York City. Kristen Wiig, who crashed Adams’ monologue the first time she hosted SNL, stopped by again to help her out.

Asian American Doll

The Asian American Doll commercial advertised a new Barbi-like doll that the toy company had a difficult time selling. When a mother tells her daughter it’s time to do her math homework, her daughter responded, “Can Asian American Doll help me?” The daughter later said she was going to get an Oriental rug to decorate the doll’s empty dollhouse. The creators thought a puppy and a chef’s hat were innocuous enough – until the daughter asked, “Is this so she can eat the puppy because she’s Asian.”


This American Life podcast spinoff Serial has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon so it comes as little surprise that SNL would tackle it and its likable host Sarah Koenig. In Serial Christmas, Koenig is trying to figure out the mystery of who is delivering the Christmas gifts on Dec. 25. Chris Kringle, channeling Adnan’s speech patterns, frequently asks, “You know what I’m saying?” Appropriately, the sketch ended with a shout out to Mail Chimp.

Girlfriends Talk Show

Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong hosted their Girlfriends talk show, chatting about Aidy’s suspect participation on the dance team. According to dance team leader Amy Adams, Aidy, a fourth alternate, can’t function at practice when the male dancers appear. One Direction played the dancers and all Aidy could manage when they came out was “Gout!”

Office Christmas Party

SNL’s latest music video zeroed in on the often-discussed lethal mix of alcohol and coworkers. Hitting all the stereotypes, Jay Pharoah and Pete Davidson rapped their way through the clever song as bizarre scenes unfolded at the titular office Christmas party.

Weekend Update

During Weekend Update, Colin Jost and Michael Che hit on the restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba, Serial, the new condom law in porn, and of course Sony and The Interview. Bobby Moynihan showed up as Kim Jong Un, which Jost didn’t think was a very good idea. While he’s imitating him, an ominous red dot appeared on his chest. The other guests on Weekend Update were musical duo Garth (Fred Armisen) and Kat (Kristen Wiig).

A Very Cuban Christmas

Gloria Estefan (Strong) and Pitbull (Killam) hosted A Very Cuban Christmas. Diana Nyad (Kate McKinnon) tried to start a competition with Elian Gonzalez (Davidson) for who had the rougher trip between Cuba and the United States. And, Raul Castro tried to get Barack Obama to sign up Cubans for health care.

Whiskers R We

Kate McKinnon reprised her crazy cat lady role in a new Whiskers R We sketch in which Amy Adams played her new girlfriend. This time around, there was a cat who thought he was human, and another that she was convinced was an alien.

One Direction

One Direction performed “Night Changes” and “Ready to Run”