The opening monologue for last night’s SNL with guest host, Adam Driver, was lackluster. It included a joke that confused Driver with Minnie Driver and Bobby Moynihan dressed up as Star Wars character. The monologue was intended for Driver to spill spoiler alerts to the audience watching, but generally fell flat.

Two French Women Hijack America’s Funniest Cats 

This skit involved Driver hosting America’s Funniest Cats which was a mock version of America’s Funniest Home Videos. Driver plays the host and narrates each video with sound and comments similar to the original show. Halfway through, the show was taken over by two French women played by Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon. The two went on to show their much less enthusiastic version of the show.

Liev Schreiber And Driver Make Breakfast 

In this skit, Driver and Vanessa Bayer play Golden Globe winners who tell their kid to go to bed. The skit pokes fun at the celebrity parents but take a step further by showing it through the kids’ perspective. The skit ends with a nearly naked Liev Schreiber cooking breakfast in the morning for their children.

The show also featured a tribute to David Bowie and Chris Stapleton as the musical guest.

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