Saturday Night Live made fun of the new CDC guidelines concerning vaccination in last weekend’s episode. The cold open featured Kate McKinnon, reprising her role as Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden, holding a press conference to update U.S. citizens on new mask guidelines. McKinnon started the skit with, “It’s your boy, Fauci, the patron saint of Purell. As you probably heard, we got some very good news this week, and I’m not just talking about J. Lo and Ben Affleck.”

McKinnon then proceeded to explain the new CDC guidelines, “that people who are vaccinated no longer need to wear masks, outdoors or indoors.” Acting as Dr. Fauci, she told viewers that she organized a troupe of doctors from the CDC who minored in theatre to answer questions like, “What does that mean? What the hell are you talking about? Is this a trap?” The doctors had “24 hours” to prepare skits that show the American people a couple of scenarios exhibiting “correct mask behavior.”

Aidy Bryant and Beck Bennett participated in the first scenario, “Man walks into a bar.” Bryant greeted Bennet saying, “Welcome to a bar,” and Bennett’s character responded with, “Thank you, do I still have to wear a mask indoors?”

Bryant said he didn’t unless he wasn’t vaccinated. When Bennett’s character told Bryant’s that he hadn’t been vaccinated, she said, “Oh, then that’s bad.” Bennett responded by saying, “Well, I’m entering a bar at 11 a.m. Did you really think I was vaxed? Cause that’s on you.”

Bryant’s character agreed and said, “You’re right. I deserve COVID.”

The scene cut back to McKinnon, who said, “I don’t know if that’s the right takeaway. The real point is, we have to trust each other, so, please be honest and respectful.”

The cold open featured several scenarios addressing traveling on planes, attending large gatherings, respecting individual business requests and more.

McKinnon ended the skit by saying, “That seems like a good place to end. So, in summary, please, everyone, get the vaccine and enjoy life with no masks.”

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