Saturday Night Live‘s cold open featured the return of Kate McKinnon‘s Rudy Giuliani in a parody of last week’s election fraud hearing in Michigan, where the president’s personal lawyer tried to convince lawmakers that Donald Trump had actually won in the state.

“This election was stolen from the American people with a level of trickery not seen since Houdini,” McKinnon’s Giuliani said while farting, a reference to an audible fart heard in his actual testimony. “That wasn’t me. That was you guys.”

“I have brought before you a dozen highly intelligent, barely intoxicated individuals who are all eyewitnesses,” she said, “and after hearing their testimony you’re going to say, ‘Wow, Rudy was right, and he’s getting smarter and more respected every day.’”

She went on to say that Trump will continue to contest election results in other states: “First in Michigan, then in Georgylvania, and then Pennsachusetts and then North Dacanada,” she said.

Although McKinnon’s Giuliani is a fan favorite, Cecily Strong‘s appearance as the incoherent witness Melissa Carone steals the show. The real life Carone was a contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, whose claims of voter fraud were baseless, though full of hostility.

“I personally saw hundreds, if not thousands, of dead people vote for Democrats,” Strong’s Carone told the lawmakers. “Did you check every poll? Did you talk to all the dead people?”

Other cast members appeared as Giuliani’s witnesses, including Heidi Gardner, who claimed she ate ballots.

“The Democrats said, ‘It’s lunchtime’ and then they opened the food truck and it was full, full of ballot sandwiches, ballot pizzas, ballot steaks and ballot spaghetti,” she said.

Strong’s Carone then returns claiming that Dominion cheated. “How exactly did Dominion cheat?” asks Ego Nwodim‘s state senator. “Well, for starters, they cheated me out of my cheesy bread.”

“I think you’re confusing Dominion with Dominos.” Mikey Day‘s lawmaker character responds.

“Either way my vote took longer than 30 minutes so it’s supposed to be free,” said Strong’s Carone.

Beck Bennet appeared as My Pillow founder Mike Lindell, Alex Moffat appeared as an alien abduction victim, and Chloe Fineman showed up as “Nicole Kidman‘s character from The Undoing.”

Then, Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney stormed in shouting that “we need to do the whole thing over again.” But, they cleared up that they weren’t talking about the election, they were talking about kidnapping the governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

“If we had one more shot we could get her to my basement for sure!” screams Davidson. Day’s lawmaker character asks, “And out of curiosity, then what?” “We’d yell at her!” responds Mooney.

McKinnon’s Giuliani ends his testimony by saying, “The defense rests, but we will never rest, not until this election is overturned, or unless I get a full pardon or $10 million in cash.”

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