Sasha Obama is heading off to college in Michigan.

Former President Barack Obama‘s youngest daughter, who was born Natasha, will begin classes at the University of Michigan next week.

Speculation of Sasha Obama becoming a Wolverines started late last year after an Instagram account believed to be attributed to her shared a photo with the caption, “So proud to say I’m going to college with my sisters!!” and tagged the college.

The college did not confirm the former first daughter’s enrollment and cited a policy that prohibits these types of disclosures concerning students.

Sasha Obama, 18, was seen attending the college’s freshman orientation on campus earlier this week with a large crew of people believed to include Secret Service agents.

Many University of Michigan students told The Detroit News of their experience seeing the former first daughter on campus.

“I was walking by pushing a vacuum and she walked out right in front of me,” Zach Lassen, a third-year film student, told the publication. “I said, ‘Excuse me.’ It was a crowded hallway with her and some Secret Service dudes.”

“It’s cool that even though her family went to Ivy League schools, she decided that UM was the caliber high enough to match that of an Ivy League school,” said Jessica Brinser, a sophomore.

“We hope she finds her fit here just like we all have,” she added. “We all love it here. We hope she does, too.”

Obama is also distinguishing herself from her relatives by choosing to attend a Big Ten college rather than an Ivy League university. Obama’s older sister Malia Obama famously chose to take a gap year in 2016 before enrolling the following fall at Harvard University, where both of her parents attended law school.

It remains unknown what Sasha Obama plans to study at Michigan. The former first daughter’s made news earlier this year after her senior prom photo went viral.

Dozens of GIFs and other jokes quickly began surfacing on social media after news broke of Obama attending Michigan.

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