On March 11, Sarah Palin revealed herself on television show, The Masked Singer, after being eliminated from the its third season. Palin stunned her viewers and told the show’s host, Nick Cannon, “I knew it would be so refreshing and so freeing and well, in a real respectful way, kind of a walking middle finger to the haters out there in the world where I could do whatever I wanted to do and not care what anybody said because they wouldn’t know until after the fact. So it all worked out.”

The 56-year-old former governor of Alaska explained that this was one of the most positive experiences that she has ever had. She expressed how blessed she felt to be able come and do the show. “I’ve been working for like 12 years with all these intellectual, political commentaries and all this — no reaction like I got from The Masked Singer,” Palin said.

Throughout her time on The Masked Singer, Palin was dressed in a pink bear costume and for her final performance, unmasked, she sang “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix–A–Lot. She later revealed to Cannon that she almost performed “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang as she memorized that song in the ‘80s.

Palin has been able to participate in other television shows because of her national profile. Ever since Tina Fey played Palin on an episode of Saturday Night Live, Palin has made many appearances on the show herself. She has even had her own reality shows, including Sarah Palin’s Alaska and Amazing America with Sarah Palin

Lil Wayne, Chaka Kahn and Tony Hawk are just a few of the other celebrities that have been eliminated form this third season of The Masked Singer and the show is currently starting to go into its semifinals.

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