Sarah Palin dropped by Dancing With The Stars last night to cheer on daughter Bristol, but audience members did not cheer the bespectacled ex-governor. 

While co-host Brooke Burke was interviewing Jennifer Grey and her partner Brad Hough, loud booing could be heard in the audience. A baffled Burke commented, "There’s booing in the ballroom — I don’t know why." Grey, who had just finished her performance, asked, "Why is there booing?" The cameras then cut to Palin.The booing was for Grey and Hough’s low score, not for the appearance of the Alaskan politician, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Despite the less than warm welcome, Palin was all smiles, telling Bristol that she "couldn’t be prouder" and expressing her admiration for "all this courage, joy and exuberance" that the dancers showed. Bristol agreed. "I’m so glad she made it tonight," she said. –AMY LEE

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