No one's above the law, say Turkish prosecutors. That includes Sarah Ferguson, aka "Fergie," who is facing charges in Turkey for secretly filming children at a state-run home in 2008, according to CNN. A hidden camera was used during The Duchess of York's visit to the Children's Nurturing and Rehabilitation Center outside Ankara, where she wore a headscarf and dark wig as a disguise in order to secure footage for an ITV documentary.

ITV News, which aired the footage as part of special intended to "help investigate the treatment of mentally and physically disabled children," said it stands by Ferguson and the programming. "ITV was made aware yesterday through media reports of charges related to our program being raised again," ITV spokesman Grant Cunningham said Friday. "Charges were raised in 2008 and we said at that time that we firmly stand by our program and our position remains unchanged."

"I stand strong in the face of the rights of children, and I remain steadfast," said Ferguson, who divorced Queen Elizabeth II's son, Andrew, Duke of York, in 2006. "Children are our future."

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    Sometimes you have to break a law to cause any sort of progression or change in anything and that's what it seems like with this case. I think this will be an interesting case to pan out.

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