The Santa Ana Police Department has arrested Isidro Garcia for kidnapping a 15-year-old girl and abusing her for 10 years.

Woman Found After 10 Years Reported Missing

The woman, who has not been named, was reported missing by her mother in 2004 and is now 25 years old. The mother always believed that Garcia, her boyfriend at the time, had been sexually abusing her daughter and kidnapped her after a domestic dispute. Unfortunately, she had no evidence to support her suspicions.

According to the police, the woman has accused Garcia of sexually abusing since 2004. She recounted to the police that Garcia drugged her and took her to a home in Compton, where she was locked in the garage. Garcia gave her fake identification documents and moved them from place to place to avoid the police.

Garcia allegedly raped the woman for years and mentally abused her, telling her that her family had stopped looking for her and that if she returned to them, the entire family would be deported – she comes from a family of Mexican immigrants.

“Even with the opportunity to escape, after years of physical and mental abuse, the victim saw no way out of her situation and lived a life with Garcia under sustained physical and mental abuse. In 2007, Garcia forced the victim into a marriage and in 2012 the two had a child,” describes the press release from the Santa Ana Police Department.

Woman Reconnected With Family Via Facebook

The woman reportedly attempted to escape from Garcia twice, but both times she was caught and beaten by Garcia. After 10 years of consistent physical and mental abuse, the woman gained enough courage to search for her family. She found her sister on Facebook and made contact before going to the police.

Garcia was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of kidnap for rape, lewd acts with a minor and false imprisonment. He is currently being held on a $1 million bail.

Maria Sanchez, a neighbor of Garcia and his victim, whom she knew as Laura, told reporters that she was surprised to find out the woman had been kidnaped.

“They’re a good couple, they’ve always looked happy. Her baby shower was beautiful, a very happy party, with female friends, guests, lots of guests,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez insisted that, on all fronts, the couple seemed like a normal family. She also revealed that the woman/Laura appeared completely free and would drive her own car to work every day.

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