The Sandy Hook Shooting—Fully Exposed, a 30-minute video on YouTube with nearly 9 million views, focuses on piecing together a conspiracy theory surrounding the tragic deaths of the Newtown, Conn., shootings.

The tragedy has received its dose of conspiracies from "Sandy Hook Truthers," such as that it was used as a distraction for a bank robbery and that President Barack Obama planned it in order to implement new gun control laws. There is even a website,, which is devoted to these circumstances.

"[I]t all started when me and my friends used to research 9/11 in high school," the anonymous creator of the video, who goes by his YouTube channel’s title ThinkOutsideTheTV (T.OT.V.), told Gawker. "That's what really got me started when it came to researching government cover ups […] Once I learned about all the false flag attacks in history that have been proven to be true, I knew it was only a matter of time before another came a long."

This particular video focuses on the conspiracy that the events surrounding the shooting were misreported and that, among other things, actors were hired to put this “hoax” into play. Gene Rosen, 69, is one individual who has come under fire for the event after having received considerable publicitiy and speaking out to media outlets. Rosen helped a small group of children on the day of the shooting who had escaped the school and hid in his house. He has been accused of being an actor.

“Here’s my fear: If I start talking like this, will one of these truthers read this and will it embolden them?” Rosen said in an interview with Salon. Rosen later added, “I talk to you about this because I feel that there has to be some moral push-back on this.” has elected not to embed The Sandy Hook Shooting—Fully Exposed video on the site. —Hal Sundt

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