One of the prices of fame is the possibility of a stranger’s dangerous obsession. Few celebrities know that better than Sandra Bullock, who has had to deal with a stalker for years. But now that chapter in her life may have finally reached its end.

Early on Wednesday morning, Los Angeles police officers were called to the home of Joshua James Corbett, Bullock’s stalker, due to a possible parole violation. A SWAT team was on the premises because of Corbett’s threats of violence towards the police.

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After a standoff with the police, Corbett died by self-inflicted wound. The police have not revealed what the nature of that self-infliction was, but they have confirmed that it was not a gunshot.

Last May, Corbett was sentenced to five years probation for stalking Bullock and breaking into her home in 2014. He was also given a 10-year protective order and required to seek treatment at a mental health facility.

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Bullock does not appear to have been involved in this incident directly. She has plenty to keep herself busy, like promoting her upcoming film Ocean’s 8, which is due out in theaters June 8.

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