Forbes magazine has released its annual Highest Paid Actresses list, and there seems to be an overarching theme — money can’t buy you love. Of the top five earners, only Sarah Jessica Parker is happily married, and she’s number 5.
America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, took in the most money last year for her roles in The Proposal and The Blind Side, but suffered a highly publicized divorce from her adulterous former husband, Jesse James. Single mom Reese Witherspoon and the perrenially single Cameron Diaz tied for the number two spot with $32 million while the frequently lovelorn Jennifer Aniston took the number four spot for her two box office duds (Love Happens and Bounty Hunter), her endorsement with Glaceau’s Smart Water, her recent fragrance line, and a notable amount from her role on Friends which currently runs in syndication. –ELENA COX

1. Sandra Bullock, $56 mil
2. Reese Witherspoon, $32 mil
3. Cameron Diaz, $32 mil
4. Jennifer Aniston, $27 mil
5. Sarah Jessica Parker, $25 mil

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