Sandra Bullock has donated money to Warren Easton Charter High School in New Orleans to open a student health clinic in an effort to revitalize public schools five years after Hurricane Katrina. "Those young adults . . . are our future leaders," Bullock told the Today Show. "I would like to thank the students who step up to the plate and do the hardest work. I didn’t do it in high school, and it makes me so incredibly proud."

Bullock recently finalized the adoption of 7-month-old Louis, who was born in New Orleans, and she opened up to Matt Lauer about being a new mom. "I got blessed," she says. "I got lucky, and he’s extraordinary." The actress said she’s grateful for close confidants who are "good people with integrity, [who] know the bigger picture and don’t sell out their friends." –KIMBERLY STEELE

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