Sandra Bullock dropped the f-word while promoting her new film The Heat on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Tuesday night.

Bullock, 48, discussed The Heat’s free use of the f-word, noting that it’s used almost 200 times throughout the film. “We have 190 f-bombs – most of them being Melissa [McCarthy]’s,” Bullock said. “So I am chaste in that world. Then at the end I learn how to… when you drop them you’re cooler, I’m cooler when I drop them.”

After saying that she uses the f-word herself, just not in front of children, Leno asked the audience if there were any children present. After a brief pause and laughter – which indicated that there weren’t – Bullock dropped the f-bomb herself. “You know, it just makes me f***ing cool when I drop it,” she said, laughing.

Bullock costars in The Heat, which is due in theaters June 28. In the movie, Bullock and McCarthy play an FBI Special Agent and a detective, respectively, on the hunt for a Russian mobster.

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