A group of San Jose Sharks fans is protesting the NHL franchise’s plan to outfit “Ice Girls” in slightly revealing attire.

'Say No To Sharks Ice Girls'

The “Say NO to Sharks Ice Girls” movement began on July 2 on Facebook. In the group’s first statement, they call the uniform changes “inherently sexist” and a “ploy.”

“For the past 20+ years, the Sharks have managed to be a first class organization that appeals across multiple demographics,” reads the Facebook post. “Their decision to change the women's uniform, but not the men's, is inherently sexist and only reinforces a negative double-standard where men are taken seriously but women are sexualized and objectified.”

The post continued, “The Sharks risk alienating many fans through this ploy, including men, women, and families who go to the games to watch hockey, not skimpily clad women throwing t-shirts or scraping the ice.”

In an effort to get the Sharks management to reconsider the Ice Girls outfits, the group of fans is threatening to cancel their season tickets. Thus far, the threats have not worked.

San Jose Sharks Recruit Ice Team Members

In the audition announcement for the Sharks Ice Team a “physically fit/athletic appearance” is required – though “skating experience is not required.” Women are told to be aware that “uniforms may be form fitting with some skin exposure” and are advised to wear their hair down during their tryout as well as “on-camera appropriate” makeup.

While the Sharks are facing backlash for the unapologetic sexualizing of the Ice Girls, they’d be far from the first team to do so. Currently, 21 other NHL teams feature scantily clad Ice Girls that double as on-ice cheerleaders.


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