In case you can’t get enough smart devices in your life, Samsung has released the new Family Hub Refrigerator. While there’s no voice control or SmartThings integration, this fridge is still plenty smart.

CNET summarizes how someone can justify dropping 5K on a fridge, “We don’t buy things because we need them–we buy things because we want them. And the best-looking, most fully featured fridge on the market is a perfectly reasonable thing to want.”

Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator

The fridge comes with a 21.5-inch touchscreen, a camera that tracks ingredients and — for everyone out there who enjoys a bit of web browsing as they hunt for food–an array of apps to play around with. The fridge’s camera takes a photo of what’s inside each time the doors shut. Users can also track the expiration dates of items using the camera. A nifty Samsung app also allows users to access the fridge’s content while on the go at the grocery store. Aesthetically, the Family Hub is pretty nice to look at. It features French doors, but still retains a sleek and modern look with its black stainless-steel finish.

The Samsung Family Hub may look pretty futuristic, but it also aims to preserve the sentimental value a fridge often holds within a family as a collection of memories, photographs, fridge magnet souvenirs from different places, calendars, event fliers and other memorabilia that is acquired over years. Samsung aims to get at that nostalgia with the apps, but it’s uncertain whether or not a touchscreen has the same appeal as a dog-eared photograph. The fridge’s apps allow users to generate a shopping list, display photos and even draw doodles and leave notes. There’s also a way to merge everyone’s important events into one calendar.

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