Venerable hardware manufacturer Samsung has added two new laptops to their catalog: the Samsung Chromebook Plus and the Samsung Chromebook Pro. If you need a dependable partner for on the go, either would make for a fine choice relative to their price points.


Ultimately, they’re identical to each other in most regards, although the more expensive Pro has the edge as it’s composed with a more powerful possessor than its counterpart. Also, the Pro’s exterior is black, whereas the Plus is silver.

Google was involved in the development of the pair, although unfortunately their participation failed to salvage the Chromebooks’ historically poor OS. Gizmodo’s reviewer, who tested the pricier Chromebook, noted how any progress on this front is insufficient “unless your needs are excruciatingly simple.”

However, aside from the stagnation in their OS, the new Chromebooks are attractive options. Their screens, which are 12.3 inches spanning 2,400 by 1,600 pixels, offer beautiful displays, even if they’re in the less favored 3:2 aspect ratio. Plus, with a battery that should span at least ten hours, you can admire the clarity of the pictures for a decent amount of time.

Both laptops have the innate ability to transform into tablets via their screen’s 360-degree mobility. Naturally, a stylus is bundled with the Chromebook, allowing for easy touch-screen use. Samsung also boasts of their compatibility with the Google Play Store, which gives access to an innumerable number of apps.

Regardless, as an affordable entry level device, Samsung’s new Chromebooks are solid choices that excel in their strengths. The Plus retails for $449.99, whereas the Pro will cost an additional $100.

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