After her long stint on The Daily Show, comedian Samantha Bee has finally gotten her own show and wants to focus on “stories we don’t think receive enough attention and stab them with the hot poker of comedy.”

For her first round of comedic relief, Bee went after politicians. She started off with poking fun at the recent win of Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucus.

Bee’s second segment railed ABC News’ Martha Raddatz along with the candidates, comparing them to “4-year-old ‘Toddlers and Tiaras'” for not knowing when to walk out stage when their names were called during the GOP debate.


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Bee also introduced her segment, called “Elected Paperweight of the Month,” where she awarded it to Kansas state Sen. Mitch Holmes. Senator Holmes created a dress code for women stating that men didn’t need one because “they already know how to look professional.” Bee called out the state for not focusing more on the things that mattered like funding the government, so Kansas schools didn’t have to close early.

The comedian also added, “Senator Holmes, lets talk, your state has 99 problems but a b–ch ain’t one.”

The clips also included venturing out to Jeb Bush’s hometown and asking his supporters a few questions that included what kind of drink he would be – “milk.”

TNT, Adult Swim, and truTV are set to premiere tonight’s episode.

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