Pop star Sam Smith appeared on the BBC’s The One Show to promote his new album Love Goes and opened up about his anxieties over being a performer and having had to quarantine himself due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Smith appeared on the talk show alongside Alex Jones and discussed the difficulties they had with being barred from leaving home due to the United Kingdom’s universal lockdown. “I found it hard, I’ve been traveling for eight years now, and I hadn’t been in my house for more than three weeks for about eight years,” he said. Smith explained that he’s been living with family during the quarantine’s height. “I was living with my sister, and I am still going to be with her the next four weeks,” he said. “She helped me out, and we buckled down and did fun stuff, which was good.”

The Stay with Me singer noted the positives of temporarily not performing on stage, admitting that they “get so anxious in front of people on stage. I was getting so anxious towards the end of last year, so it’s been good for me to have a break.”

Smith also explained the name change for his new album from To Die For to Love Goes. “It felt weird calling it that,” he said. “So, I changed it, made it a little bit softer.”

A streaming party was hosted on November 5 to celebrate the album’s release.


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