Sam Claflin recently revealed that under the skintight wet suit he sported playing Finnick Odair in The Hunger: Games: Catching Fire, he had on a man thong.

Sam Claflin Wore Thong In 'Catching Fire'

Claflin, upon arriving on set to change into the outfit he’d wear during Catching Fire’s arena scenes, was surprised to learn that there was concern about panty lines. Along with his wetsuit, the actor was provided with a thong.

"I just remember walking into my trailer for the costume fitting and it was hanging up. I was like, 'What's that? What is that? That's a poor excuse for a bit of underwear,'"Claflin told Chelsea Handler on her late night talk show. "I did put it on. I wore it for a few days."

While Claflin initially complied with the undergarment suggestion, it wasn’t long before he ran in to some complications, notably while filming scenes with the actress who plays Mags – the 80something fellow tribute from District 2.

"I did a scene with the woman [Lynn Cohen] I carry for most of the film, who I'd say is in her 60s or 70s maybe, and my leg had to be around her up against the chair that she was sitting on. And I definitely felt poppage," Claflin admitted. "And the whole time I was thinking, 'God, she's just staring right at [my erection]. Then I decided I could not go with the thong anymore."

'Catching Fire' Stars Talk Wetsuits

Claflin’s Hunger Games costar Josh Hutcherson revealed earlier this year that the costume directors had tried another unsuccessful measure to keep everything where it should be – and stay away from panty lines. "We tried cups in the beginning, but they looked ridiculous," Hutcherson told E! News.

In other Catching Fire wetsuit news, lead actress Jennifer Lawrence was pleased to learn “how little camel toe problem” they caused, while Jena Malone (Joanna Mason) revealed that “some people were free-balling it” while filming in the revealing costumes.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, rated PG-13, is currently in wide release.

– Chelsea Regan

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