President Barack Obama got a little too close with an Alaskan salmon during his visit to Kanakanak Beach, when a salmon spawned on his shoes.

Salmon Spawns On Obama’s Shoes

Obama, dressed in a black rain jacket and orange gloves, was visiting the Kanakanak Beach in Alaska and helping the locals fish when the incident occurred. Obama bent down to pick up a salmon, when it began wriggling in his hands and squirting liquid.

“Uh-oh. What’s happening there?” Obama asked.

The two women he was with explained to him that the salmon was spawning and helped him put the fish back down. Obama didn’t seem too bothered, despite having salmon spawn on his shoes. He turned to the press smiling, “Did you see that? Something got on my shoes. He was spawning a little bit, which, generally, you don’t want fish spawning on your feet.”

“She said he was happy to see me,” Obama added, repeating a joke from one of the women.

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