Two students have been expelled from the University of Oklahoma for their part in Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s racist chanting caught in viral video after school cuts ties with the fraternity.

UO Closes SAE Chapter After Racist Chant Video Goes Viral

The video, posted online Sunday, features members of OU’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter, reportedly on a bus on the way to a party, sing in unison, “There will never be a n—-r at SAE. You can hang him from a tree, but he’ll never sign with me. There will never be a n—-r at SAE.”

(WARNING: Offensive language)

The video quickly went viral, leading to massive protests, not only on the OU campus, but across the nation. University of Oklahoma President David Boren immediately shut down the fraternity Monday, and ordered that all members vacate the SAE house by midnight on Tuesday.

Boren gave a press conference Monday announcing the school’s plans going forward, promising to punish those involved. Boren said that he wants to send a message to students that OU has a zero tolerance policy for racism on campus. Boren stated his absolute support for closing the SAE chapter, and made clear that as long as he is President of the University, the fraternity will not be invited back on campus.

“As they [SAE members] pack their bags, I hope they think long and hard about what they’ve done. I hope they think long and hard about how words can injure and hurt other people. This is not our way. These are not our values. This is not who we are, and we won’t tolerate it – not for one minute, from anybody,” Boren said.

Two Students Expelled For Racist Chant

Boren added that he is working with lawyers and other school officials to determine what kind of action can be taken against the individual fraternity members involved in leading the chanting, and stated that he would be considering possible expulsion for students who took part in the act.

On Tuesday, Boren announced that two students identified as leading the chant have been expelled for “[creating] a hostile learning environment for others.”  The investigation into the incident is still ongoing, and Boren said that other students found to be involved will also face disciplinary action.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Releases Statement

The fraternity chapter is officially closed and will likely be suspended for at least four years. Furthermore, the SAE organization has also cut ties with the chapter, and confirmed that members of the organization were involved in the chant video. “This type of racist behavior will not be tolerated and is not consistent with the values and morals of our fraternity,” SAE said in a statement.

The SAE organization is trying to distance itself from the OU chapter, maintaining that the advisors that worked with the chapter had no knowledge of the chant, but multiple media outlets are skeptical. The fraternity was created before the Civil War, and has a history of racist incidents. A SAE chapter at the Washington University of St. Louis was reportedly suspended after making pledges use racial slurs to black students. The song featured in the viral video is also rumored to have been sung at an SAE chapter in Texas.

Meanwhile, at the University of Oklahoma, students gathered in silent protest outside the school library, and the black student group, OU Unheard, which released the video Sunday, is currently organizing other peaceful protests.

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