After sharing an odd Donald Trumpthemed Fourth of July tweet, Sacha Baron Cohen has finally revealed his new television show Who Is America?

The comedic actor’s new project is set to premiere on Showtime next week. The network teased the it to be “perhaps the most dangerous show in the history of television.” It’s to know surprised that Cohen is involved as his last work was Da Ali G Show, where he tricked high-profile figures into having interviews with his over-the-top characters.

Cohen shared a 20-second clip of what the show might entail on his Twitter. It starts off with a simple pitch: “Imagine if Sacha Baron Cohen had been undercover secretly filming a new show for a year.”

It then cuts to former Vice President Dick Cheney being asked by an accented off-camera voice, “Is it possible to sign my waterboard kit?” Cheney is then shown sitting in a chair laughing and accepting as he signs an empty plastic milk jug.

Showtime was the first to tease the show, but did it all without revealing the name of the show or saying who was involved with it. The teaser video that only consisted of white letters on a black screen read: We’d like to tell you about a new comedy that’s coming, but we can’t. The creators won’t let us show you a scene, the lawyers won’t let us tell you the name of the star, and we can’t even reveal the show’s title or we’d be breaking our nondisclosure agreement. So how do we promote perhaps the most dangerous show in the history of television when we’re not allowed to show it? Something huge is coming July 15th!”

Speculation that Cohen may be a part of the project came out he posted his first video on Twitter on Fourth of July. The video consisted of Trump calling the actor a “third-rate character” and that he wished that he would  be “punched in the face so many times right now he’d be in a hospital.”



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