Ryan Reynolds is slated to star as Pikachu in a new live-action Pokemon movie.


The 41-year-old actor will play the electric pokemon wearing a detective cap in Detective Pikachu, which was announced last year. The film will begin shooting in January 2018. The film is based on a video game of the same name, which was released only in Japan last year. Gamers play as a teenager trying to solve mysteries with sidekick, Pikachu.

While in the past, pokemon spoke their own language, which mainly consisted of saying their own species names. Pikachu, for example, would only say “Pika!” or “Pikachu!” In last month’s movie Pokemon: I Choose You, Pikachu was heard speaking English. For the new film, fans can expect to see the creature speaking English in Reynolds’ voice.

Reynolds role will be “motion-capture in nature,” according to a THR source, meaning he will be digitally added to the movie. Other stars will be Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton.

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