In case you hadn't noticed, the hottest face (not to mention body) in Olympic swimming right now, Ryan Lochte, has been a wee bit occupied over the past few days, so he didn't get a chance to celebrate turning 28 on his actual August 3 birthday. Besides, Lochte was more likely celebrating winning the silver medal for the men's 200m individual final and the bronze for the men's 200m backstroke final the day before.

Now that Lochte's swimming events have wrapped in the 2012 London Olympic games, he seems about ready to unwind, and what better way than a belated birthday party?

Lochte, a now 11-time Olympic medalist, hit the club scene in London Tuesday night, attending a party at Planet Hollywood, reports Just, surrounded by his fellow Team USA swimming Olympians, including Brendan Hansen, Kara Lynn Joyce, Peter Vanderkaay, Matthew Grevers, Davis Tarwater, Conor Dwyer, Tyler McGill, Jimmy Feigen, Nick Thoman, and Eric Shanteau.

These U.S. swimmers drive themselves hard, but when the games are over, the fun begins. We have a hunch about how at least one Olympian will celebrate after the games. "I'll probably crack open a beer," Hansen said when he spoke exclusively with Uinterview.

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