In last night’s Saturday Night Live, actor Ryan Gosling caught a case of the giggles during a sketch.

The sketch, concerning a trio of people discussing recent alien abductions to government representatives, cracked up Gosling when Kate McKinnon’s stories of abduction got more and more outlandish as they went on. Gosling and crew member Cecily Strong experienced a “being glowing with light;” McKinnon’s story started with peeing into a bowl and got crazier from there.

The ridiculousness cracked up even the actors playing NSA representatives. Aidy Bryant is clearly losing it during the entire sketch.


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Gosling overall seemed to have a fun time during an episode that started with a Christmas message from “Donald and Melania Trump.” After that, the monologue featured Gosling lampshading his odd Brooklyn accent and singing a Canadian-themed Christmas song with Mike Myers in a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey.

Gosling didn’t just break character in the alien abduction sketch; in an odd sketch involving a GQ interview that was interrupted by a childhood bully, he started cracking up again. “Corpsing” has a time-honored place in SNL history and in live performance in general. For a show like SNL, it can be difficult to get through it without cracking at least once. In this case, it made some sketches funnier. “Close Encounter” was hilarious enough with McKinnon’s crazy alien abduction story, but it gains something when the camera pulls back and you see Gosling clearly cracking up on the side.

So overall, Gosling’s hosting was a success. He played off of the cast members well, and the breaking was helped in a sense by his normal acting style. Gosling usually acts in a brooding, almost Method style. So seeing him crack up was all the more hilarious.

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