Ryan Bentley, 43, was charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder on January 6, 2023. Bentley is accused of shooting 39-year-old Rene Olmos Enriquez Jr. in October 2022.

On November 29, 2022, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department found the dismembered remains of Enriquez within an abandoned barrel on the side of the road. Hours later police arrested Bentley for open murder with the use of a deadly weapon.


A couple of weeks before Enriquez’s death, police had searched his house and found 115 grams of methamphetamine, about 18 grams of heroin and about 50 grams of fentanyl. Enriquez was released to medical personnel and not arrested, leading to rumors that he “snitched” to evade arrest in exchange for information.

Enriquez’s family reported him missing on November 3 while his last known sighting was on October 27. Enriquez’s girlfriend claims that on October 27 he was invited to Bentley’s house for a drug “care package.”

Police say Bentley and a group of his friends allegedly trapped Enriquez and gave him an ultimatum of being shot or overdosing on fentanyl for his supposed “snitching.” Enriquez chose the latter and passed out.

The next morning, October 28, Enriquez woke up and attempted to flee, resulting in Bentley shooting and killing him. LVMPD received reports of gunshots and Bentley fleeing the scene through neighbors’ yards. When Bentley returned to his house, police arrested him for possessing narcotics. Bentley was soon released from Clark County Detention Center.

In Bentley’s arrest report, the LVMPD said after he was released he returned home to dismember Enriquez’s body before putting the pieces in a barrel. The exact time when the barrel was abandoned on the side of the road is not known but it was reported by an employee at Clark County Public Works on November 29. The LVMPD arrested Bentley later the same day.

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