Ryan Anderson, the New Orleans Pelicans player, got teary on Monday when discussing his girlfriend, Gia Allemand’s August suicide and announced that he has been working on creating a foundation in her name.

Allemand, a former contestant on The Bachelor, committed suicide in August and Anderson, who reportedly fought with Allemand on the day of her death, is clearly still reeling from the loss. He spoke to reporters on Monday about Allemand and fought to hold back tears when addressing her suicide.

“The thing is here, is that something like that just doesn’t happen for no reason, and I know that 100 percent. I know that there’s [pause] a huge plan here. And I know, um… sorry,” Anderson said, chocking up.

“I know that, uh… a lot of people are going to be helped through this and… we’re in the process of starting a, something great for her, with her family, including my family too. We have a huge plan to do something great, great in her name that’s gonna help a lot, a lot of people,” Anderson continued after taking a few calming breaths.

Though Anderson has not confirmed any details about what the foundation might be, Anderson hinted that it will shed light on the realities of mental health and depression:

“Already a lot of people… This is a topic that is not talked about enough. It is a huge problem. And we live in a society, quite frankly, now – I wasn’t planning on saying all of this – let’s be honest here. We live in a society now where you’ve got to live up to something, you’ve got to be a certain person or you’re not going to be accepted. And, every single person, every single person has something special about them. And that’s what I want to be my goal here, to have everybody know they’re not alone. Whatever you’re going through in life, you’re not alone…[the foundation] it’s going to be something great to prove that, to show people that they’re not alone.”

Anderson said that returning to basketball and working with his team again has helped him in his grief.

“Having some sort of routine back… it helps a little bit,” Anderson said.

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