Legendary Russian singer Alla Pugacheva spoke out against the war in Ukraine for the first time over the weekend.

On Friday, Pugacheva’s husband, Maxim Galkin, was labelled a “foreign agent” by the Russian Justice Ministry after he spoke out against the war himself.

In a Sunday Instagram post, Pugacheva vehemently defended her husband, and asked to also be considered a “foreign agent.”

“Please include me in the ranks of foreign agents of my beloved country,” she wrote to the Russian government.

The singer continued, “Because I stand in solidarity with my husband, who is an honest and ethical person, a true and incorruptible Russian patriot, who only wishes for prosperity, peace and freedom of expression in his motherland.”

Pugacheva explained that her husband wanted “the end of the deaths of our boys for illusory goals that make our country a pariah and weigh heavily on the lives of its citizens.”

Her decision to make these public comments is particularly bold, because the label “foreign agent” has harsh real-life consequences in Russia. Folks with the designation may be prohibited from working with minors and at certain universities. They also have to provide quarterly financial reports for the Justice Ministry, and everything they publish — even just on the internet — must be clearly marked the work of a foreign agent.

Galkin, who is known for his Vladimir Putin impressions, wrote about his own designation in a Saturday Instagram post.

“The rationale for this decision was that I allegedly received funds from Ukraine, funds for which I carried out political activities,” he explained. “Well, first of all, I’m not involved in politics. From the stage at my concerts, I am engaged in a humorous genre, political satire, and I have been doing this for 28 years.”

The comedian added, “I do not sell my opinion and my thoughts and do not buy someone else’s. I don’t trade conscience. As for Ukraine, once, well, 10 years ago, when I gave concerts there, I received money, but for many years I have not received a penny from the Ukraine, so, of course, the reason is far-fetched and I don’t know why this is happening now,” he concluded.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Putin, spoke ill of Galkin in early September. “Our paths have clearly diverged — he has made very bad statements,” he said.

Pugacheva and Galkin reportedly relocated to Israel following the February Russian invasion.

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