A 35-minute recording of two men, reported to be Russian billionaire Farhad Akhmedov and music producer Joseph Prigozhin, slamming Russian President Vladimir Putin was published on YouTube.

On March 24, the recording with distributed by the Ukrainian Channel Five, despite the authenticity of the voices not yet being confirmed.


On March 26, Prigozhin posted a video message claiming the audio was fabricated.


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“Fake audio recording with allegedly my voice and conversation with one influential person,” he began. “I want to say that today’s technologies, neural networks, allow you to forge not only voice but also conversation. You know, the Internet has turned into a big garbage dump, where there is something useful and you can devalue, discredit any person. Everyone knows my political position, it is present in all interviews and in the public field.”

He continued, “People in a private conversation can talk about anything. The main thing is what you say in practice and how you behave in life and in different circumstances… We had different conversations with him. Sometimes he poured out my soul, something I did. It’s normal communication with each other. Maybe there were some phrases from which this was mounted. And they did it so that you can’t dig it up.”

Whether or not it was fake, what exactly was said in this recording?

The voice that is supposedly Prigozhin said, “Igor Ivanovich, Sergi Viktorovich and [Viktor] Zolotov… accuse Defense Minister Sergi Shoigu of everything. They call him an a–hole, behind his eyes, of course. And they have a task to demolish it… Yes, but because someone needs to be attributed [to failures in the war], listen. They are the most f—ing people. My opinion is simple: they behave like kings, like f—ing gods. They’re f—ing creatures… I can’t say anything good about them. They’re f—ing scumbags.”

The same voice continues on about Putin, “Do you see what he did? He put them against each other on the chessboard, wh—ly. Just to save yourself, wh–e.”

The other voice, supposedly Akhmedov, responds, “He will not save, he is responsible for everything. We have a republic, a federation, a presidential country. The president will be responsible for all this. For everything. He’ll be asked… He f—ed us, our children, their future, their fate.”

The presumed Prigozhin voice comments, “To be honest, of course, they are criminals, f–k, what kind of criminals they are… He [Putin] was driven into this s–t. He drove himself into it.”

The other voice, sounding like Akhmedov, said, “He won’t go back, he can’t go forward. He’ll be like this. There’s a gnaw. These are cockroaches, wh—ly, in a glass, they’re already gnawing at each other. They will be grouped there. One will be destroyed, then each other will be eaten, they will sling to the throat there. They will drown each other. Because they are drowning, they are drowning. They understand that that’s all.”

The same voice continued, “He doesn’t give a f–k. And the people don’t give a f–k. He’s a f—ing Satan… A f—ing pacifier.”

The Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) plans on investigating the leakage of the record while Prigozhin continues to claim the recording is fake. Akhmedov has not said anything regarding the recording.

Thirty-nine top Russian officials have died since the war broke out under questionable circumstances.


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