Actor Russell Crowe hosted the latest episode of Saturday Night Live to promote his upcoming film, The Other Guys. 


With a short opening monologue and only a few skits interacting with the cast, Crowe was able to snag a few laughs.

His first skit, Crowe plays the role of Henry VIII who demanded every female patron bear him a child. His role required him to be a hologram which allowed him to be in different scenes throughout the show.

Crowe also took part in the skit, “100 Days in the Jungle” with Pete Davidson. The skit had a Survivor feel with the two trying to survive in the juggle for a 100 days.

Crowe is able to stir up some laughter with the skit, “Match Finders” where he plays a German professor on a blind panel dating game featuring two other boring contestants. The actor is able to dryly fantasize about the sexual things he wants to do with Cecily Strong’s contestant character.

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