Russell Brand has taken some serious shots at ex-wife, Katy Perry, calling their 14-month marriage “vapid” and “vacuous” and saying that he always knew it was doomed to fail. The comedian turned political activist made the comments in a documentary about his life entitled, BRAND: The Second Coming.

Russell Brand Slams Marriage To Katy Perry As ‘Vapid’ and ‘Vacuous’

In the documentary, which features Perry, the couple argue while walking in public and Brand is heard saying, “Oh my f****** god, I’m living this ‘llfe’. The very thing I detest. Vapid, vacuous celebrity.” Perry is quick to retort, “I don’t want to give all this up. This is stupid!” before a newsreader announces that the two are to seperate.

The Daily Mail also reports a section in the film when Brand mocks his then-wife while performing a standup routine, joking with Stephen Merchant that he isn’t too optimistic on the marriage’s chances, saying, “It’s definitely good I’m with someone I love. But it’s not a resolution to anything spiritual.”

Check out a trailer for the doc below.

Brand and Perry first met back in 2009 at the VMAs when the singer threw a bottle at Brand’s head to get his attention. The two were married within a year and frequently gushed about their love for one another in the media. An excerpt from Brand’s My Booky Wook 2, the second installment of his autobiography, paints a picture of a man besotted, a stark contrast to these harsher comments.

‘You’ll think it frivolous of me to say I knew I’d marry her on that first date. The truth is I fell in love with her when she hit me with that bottle.’

Perry has yet to respond to the comments.




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