Russell Brand took to YouTube to express his disappointment at David Cameron and the Conservative Party’s victory in the UK elections on Thursday, May 7.

The Conservative Party, also known as Tory, swept the elections, winning a Parliament majority with 331 seats. The Labour Party trailed behind with 232, followed by the Scottish National Party (SNP) with 56, Liberal Democrats and the Democratic Unionist Party with 8 each, and various other parties making up the final 15 seats.

Russell Brand Disappointed By Labour Party Loss

Before the elections, many British stars took to Twitter to urge fans not to vote Conservative. Some, such as Patrick Stewart and Eddie Izzard, endorsed the Labour Party. “I encourage you to vote for the Labour Party… We believe in fairness, if the Tory party really believed in fairness, they’d join the Labour Party,” Izzard told fans in a short video message.

Izzard has not commented on the election results, but his fellow Labour Party supporter, Stewart, expressed his disappointment on Twitter and

Meanwhile, John Cleese endorsed Liberal Democrats.

Most upset by the election results is, no doubt, comedian and activist Russell Brand, who has, in recent history, gone on UK talk shows to defend his non-voting stance. Brand interviewed Labour Party leader Ed Milibrand in the weeks leading up to the election on his YouTube show, The Trews, and changed his tune on voting. Brand may not be a fan of politics, but he ended up throwing his support behind Milibrand and the Labour Party. Following these election results, Brand returned to his YouTube show defeated. “My only regret in this is I thought I could be involved,” Brand said, seemingly abandoning political activism.

Brand’s unique take on politics, specifically surrounding the election, angered Piers Morgan, who spent more time on Twitter discussing the election’s effect on Brand than the country.

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