Rupert Boneham, a fan-favorite of the Survivor franchise, recently appeared in Survivor: Redemption Island alongside his wife Laura Boneham. In a shocking chivalrous twist, Boneham took his wife’s place on the island, allowing her to continue on in the competition. Boneham discusses the thought process behind the sacrificial move and his plans for running for political office again in an exclusive interview with Uinterview.

Boneham became $1 million richer after winning the fan vote when he competed on Survivor: America’s Tribal Council and has placed between 4th and 8th place in each season on which he’s competed – until this one where he came in 20th. Referring to this latest season, Boneham said, “As we're out playing the game, I'm sitting, waiting to see who's coming out next and I'm only hoping it's not Laura.” But it was Laura, and he had a decision to make. He chose to help her out.

“One of my buddies who's not married was giving me a hard time, saying, 'That was pretty pitiful strategy.' And I told him, 'Depends what you're looking at what the game is,'” Boneham told Uinterview. “In the game of life, that was great strategy. Of course, any time that I can take care of my wife and help her out of with trouble, help her into a place with a little more safety and security — I hope I'm able to do that.”

Laura, however, is not about to sacrifice her standing in the game for the sake of her husband should the couple compete again. When Boneham asked her if she’d play again, she answered in the affirmative and added, “But don't expect me to give up my game for you.”

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Known for his tie-dye shirts and generally affable personality, Boneham has tried to leverage his natural charisma into a political career. In 2012, the Survivor contestant ran for Governor of Indiana as a Libertarian. He ended up losing to Republican candidate Mike Pence, but continued in his efforts to effect change with his mentoring program Rupert's Kids. While he continues to grow his program and recover from his latest stint on Survivor, Boneham says he’ll be considering another stab at politics.

“It'll be a few years before I ever run for any other office,” revealed Boneham. “I'm sure I will again. But that's one heck of an undertaking.”

– Chelsea Regan

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