RuPaul’s Drag Race finally revealed the root of the drama between Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese, while challenging the drag queens to make their own “kidster” shows together.

As last week's big reveal was that Monica Beverly Hillz is a transgender woman, this week the story goes to Alyssa and Coco. Apparently, the two had been friends, but haven’t spoken to one another in a couple of years. The fall out was caused by the crowning of becoming Miss Gay America. Alyssa won the contest, but for some reason that went unrevealed, was removed from the throne. Coco then was given the reigning title and was featured in photos and promotions. Alyssa has yet to get over how Coco could taken over her role after she was disqualified, and more or less belittles her for taking her hand-me-down title.

Coco and Ashley survived through the children’s TV challenge, although Coco just barely got by as she half-heartedly played the role of a ventriloquist’s dummy. Detox impersonated Rachel Zoe from Toddlers in Tiaras and proved she’s got some comedic chops. Honey glowed in the challenge once again, but might be continually playing it too safe to last much longer.

Roxxxy Andrews was able to both “dare to be ugly,” and then get glammed up for the runway. Alaska also showed her versatility, channeling both an uber-butch man and a pageant mom. Jinkx Monsoon took on a Dangerous Liaisons look, while Ivy Winters went all out Vegas showgirl. Lineysha Sparx, who had immunity from last week, bored this week with her children’s TV skit. Vivienne Pinay pulled off an understated look, but struggled with her comedic timing. Jade Jolie struggled to improv, but was no worse than Monica who kept forgetting her lines.

At the end of the show, Monica Beverly Hillz went home, and everyone was left wondering why Alyssa got her Miss Gay America crown taken away.

Check out bonus clips from last week's episode below:

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