The upcoming Masked Singer appearance by Rudy Giuliani was leaked for some time now, but the episode, infamous before it even comes out, has now aired … and it was awkward. Giuliani was unmasked in last night’s episode of the show, prompting a shocked reaction from the crowd and panel of judges. Now that the footage is finally out, it has been shared heavily online.

The least-impressed judge appeared to be Ken Jeong, who had a sour face and crossed arms for much of the interactions. Another judge, Nicole Scherzinger is heard whispering to Jeong, “Is that Robert Duvall?” Jeong responds, “No, that’s not Robert Duvall.” As Giuliani launches into a rendition of “Bad To The Bone,” Jeong looks offstage saying “I’m done,” and walks off. It’s not directly captured, but fellow judge Robin Thicke appeared to leave the stage as well.

There are decent reasons to be put off by seeing Giuliani in person. He was the former attorney of Donald Trump before his law license was revoked for spreading misinformation regarding the 2020 election. Show host Nick Cannon referred to Giuliani’s situation rather lightly as “all of the controversy that’s surrounding you right now,” and added, “it surprises us all that you’re here on The Masked Singer.”

Giuliani told Cannon “I just had a granddaughter,” and he wanted to use this appearance as a teaching moment to try “unlikely” opportunities.

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