A group of Royal family impersonators threw a bachelor’s party in honor of Prince Harry getting married next month to Meghan Markle

On a canal in London, three impersonators boarded a hot tub boat where they partied in celebration of the Harry. The boat was equipped with champagne, beer and rubber duckies that were dressed as the Queen’s guards. There was also red solo cups ready for a game of beer pong and a patriotic British flag.

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A lookalike of Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles were all on board, as well as a Queen’s guard who steered the hot tub around the canal. Prince Harry and Prince William were in nothing but swimming trunks that sported the British flag. Prince Charles also wore similar swim trunks but added a very tasteful tuxedo and bow tie on the top half of his body.

The Prince Harry impersonator told local news that this is what they imagined the real Prince Harry’s bachelor’s party will be like. “Harry is going to be in something like hot tubs, going crazy, there will probably be females in the hot tub,” he says. “But we will leave that one to him.”

A impersonator of Queen Elizabeth was also there but remained on land where she watched the men party on the boat.

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Details about Prince Harry’s actual bachelor’s party, or a “stag do” as it is called in Britain, have not been released.

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Markle will take place on May 19.

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