Roseanne Barr‘s toxic Twitter presence forced ABC to cancel Rosanne on May 29. Since then, Barr returned to the social media platform, claiming she was “Ambien tweeting.” Several of her costars have spoken out against Barr for her crude remarks, and Barr’s responded by speaking out against some of them.


Barr’s infamous initial tweet was a targeted racial slur against Valerie Jarrett, a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama. While sitting President Donald Trump reacted to Barr’s predicament by drawing attention to himself, many of Barr’s former colleagues have expressed their disappointment in her tasteless “joke.”

Sara Gillbert, Roseanne‘s executive producer and the actress who portrays Darlene, the daughter to Barr’s character, noted how Barr’s sentiment is “abhorrent” and fails to “reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show.” Barr retweeted Gillbert’s post, and retorted with a two-word response of surprise.

Barr also retweeted another Twitter user’s response to Gilbert, one that suggests her coworkers should be defending her.

Michael Fishman, the actor portraying Roseanne’s daughter on the sitcom, posted a message condoning Barr’s conduct, stating how he prided the show in its progressive themes. Barr, however, responded by insisting those themes were her brainchild. Moreover, Barr perceived Fishman’s message as him slighting her.

Additionally, Barr accused Wanda Sykes, Roseanne’s consulting producer, of contributing to the show’s cancellation when she announced she would not return for the program’s next season.

In response to a tweet that questioned Gilbert’s loyalty to Barr, the actress expressed sympathy for Trump, implying how he has to endure the backlash she’s currently garnering on a daily basis.

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