Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein had his 66th birthday on Monday, in honor of his day Rose McGowan shared a cryptic birthday message on her Twitter.


A disheveled McGowan started the video saying, ““Happy birthday, Harvey Weinstein, I told you we’d be coming. I told you 20 years ago if I heard of you doing this to another girl or woman, we would come for you, I would come for you.”

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She finishes her birthday message by saying, “Happy F—–g Birthday, from all of us. We win.” Then smiles and winks at the camera

McGowan was one of the first women to come forward about Weinstein’s multiple cases of sexual assault and accused him of raping her back in 1997. Since coming forward, over 80 other actresses and women in the industry have come forward about their sexual misconduct incidents with Weinstein. McGowan has been front and center in bringing justice to all the sexual assault victims in the industry, as well as assault victims from all walks of life.

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The same day she posted on her Instagram an image of a phoenix rising above fire and ashes with the caption, “Rise from those ashes!”


Rise from those ashes! #RoseArmy @rosearmy

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Weinstein has been in hiding since the accusations have been coming out. In addition his and his brother’s production company has recently filed for bankruptcy. This will ultimately allow all sexual harassment victims to be released from their nondisclosure agreements.

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