YouTube comedy channel Rooster Teeth uploaded a new video last week, which already has over 300,000 views. The video is a short parody promoting an audiobook version of the entertaining Where’s Waldo? book series.

Rooster Teeth Releases ‘Where’s Waldo? The Audiobook’ Short

Where’s Waldo? by English author Martin Hanford contains a series of detailed double-page spread illustrations of dozens or more people doing a variety of amusing things at a given location. Readers are challenged to find a character named Waldo hidden in the group. Waldo’s particular red-and-white-striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses make him a bit easier to recognize, but many of the descriptions offer red herrings involving the sly use of red-and-white striped objects.

Well, the good news is the popular book series is now available on audiobook, and Rooster Teeth took the time out to create a humorous promo short for the new audiobook.

The video begins with a woman reading Where’s Waldo? as the voice-over says, “Is finding Waldo the traditional way taking you weeks or months to complete?” Then magically,

red-and-white headphones appear on the woman’s ears and she smiles. “Thanks to Where’s Waldo The Audiobook he can be found in less than 271 hours of listening.”

The promo gets more hilarious when the announcer highlights the fact that the audiobook will include many celebrity guests. The voices of Keanu Reeves, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christopher Walken and Matthew Mcconaughey are heard reading aloud comically outrageous depictions from the Where’s Waldo? pages.

“As an adult who never learned how to read, Where’s Waldo? is the only book I have. Now that it’s on audiobook — I finally fit in,” a male reader told viewers.

“If you order within the next 15 minutes we will throw in a copy of Where’s Waldo? braille edition, and as an exclusive YouTube bonus — we’re offering the first page of the audiobook free!,” the voice-over ended.

Check out the funny promo below and take a listen to the first page of the audiobook for yourself!

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