Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan’s Pacific Palisades, Calif., property, where once sat the ranch in which the actor-turned-politician learned he was to be the president of the United States, is going on the market for $33 million.

Ronald Reagan Property

Decades after the Reagan’s sold the home in 1982, their house was demolished and replaced by a 10,000-square-foot Spanish Revival style house with a gym, wine room, screening room and 2,000-square-foot master suit, reported the Los Angeles Times. Despite being an entirely new structure, there are aspects of the Reagan’s original home that have survived. The developers salvaged the Reagan’s old bar, as well as a door to the master bathroom shower.

The shower door has historical significance, as it is widely known that Reagan took the call from President Jimmy Carter in which he learned that he’d won the presidency while showering. In the new house, the shower door features a plaque that explains its significance.

“We wanted to take the spirit of the way the Reagans lived in this house originally and the way they lived in the White House and create a contemporary vision of a home where that same spirit could express itself,” developer Janus Cercone told the Wall Street Journal.

In 1982, two years after becoming president, Reagan sold the Pacific Palisades home. After the Reagan’s eight years in the White House, they split their time between their properties in Bel Air and in Santa Barbara.

The mid-century Pacific Palisades home that Reagan had built in the 1950s last changed owners in 2013, when the property was sold for $5.211 million. The new owners, due to building codes restricting expanding the structure, opted to demolish it and build the new home, which has a $33 million asking price.

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