Usually when people go to McDonald’s they go for cheap fries and a burger — not Ronald McDonald, the mascot of the fast-food restaurant chain, dancing on top of a counter screaming “Let’s McFreakin’ Lose it!”

Matt Krath uploaded a video of himself dressed up as Ronald McDonald dancing on top of a McDonald’s counter in Keller, Tex., screaming the lyrics of Lil Jon‘s song “Outta Your Mind.”

Krath, who captioned the viral Vine, “Let’s McFreakin’ Lose it! #Day1 #Yay,” is seen thrusting and stomping, while holding a burger in one hand, and pouring a cup of a liquid substance on himself. Hopefully the burger didn’t get wet! The hilarious vine has gone viral, and it was even remixed into a ringtone.

Krath didn’t stop at McDonald’s. That was only #Day1 of him “McFreakin” losing it. Krath also caused a scene in another fast-food restaurant called Taco Bueno.

In the Vine, Krath screams, “this place is under new management,” followed up by him pointing at the employees, yelling, “You’re all fired! You’re fired, you’re fired!” A child is heard having a pit of laughter in the background.

With a hilarious Vine comes even more hilarious memes! Tumblr users took a liking to the Vines and created these awesome memes.




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