Former porn star Ron Jeremy was committed to a state mental health hospital in California on Tuesday, after being deemed unfit to stand trial for his alleged sex crimes.

The 69-year-old who was once one the biggest names in the adult film industry was charged with 34 counts of sexual assault, including 12 counts of rape, that spanned over two decades with 21 reported victims ranging from 15 to 51 years old.

In January, Los Angeles Judge Ronald S. Harris declared that Jeremy has “incurable neurocognitive decline,” making him incompetent to stand trial for the sex crimes he had previously pleaded not guilty to.

Gloria Allred, a high-profile attorney representing two of his victims, told NPR that the judge’s ruling was “very disturbing” and that “both were ready to testify at the trial.”


“They have worked with law enforcement. They’ve testified before a grand jury,” Allred said on behalf of her clients. “They’ve had to explain, tell what happened to them over and over and over with the hope that one day they could achieve justice, and now the hope is dimming.”

Despite the staggering number of victims and charges against him, Jeremy will be held for up to two years in the state mental health facility and victims may not get to see him prosecuted for his crimes against them.

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