Ron Goldman’s sister and father do not see the entertainment value of FX’s American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, which explores the trial that cleared Simpson of the murders of Goldman and Nicole Brown.

Ron Goldman’s Family On ‘People v. OJ Simpson’

Kim Goldman, the late Ron Goldman’s sister, finds it hard to understand why The People v. O.J. Simpson needed to be made, why the trial that took place back in 1994 needed to be relived on the fictional series.

“A part of me’s thinking, ‘You know, why do we need this show? We had it on television, gavel to gavel, for 10 months. Why do we need this?'” Kim told talk show host Steve Harvey. “I don’t want to have to watch it week after week and I feel like I do.”

Kim Goldman further voiced her frustration with the coverage and general fan reaction to the series, which has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly for the performances by its big name stars.

“People are [like], ‘Oh, the acting’s riveting and this is such a great plot line.’ And I’m thinking, ‘These are murders!'” Kim Goldman explained. “It’s very confusing to us, because this is not entertainment.”


Goldman patriarch Ron Goldman is equally upset by The People v. O.J. Simpson. Among other things, Ron Goldman takes issue with the series’ decision to shy away from representing his late son and Brown as anything more than corpses.

“They’ve concentrated so much … on the attorneys’ side of it. Ron and Nicole appeared as dead bodies in the beginning and that’s it,” Ron Goldman told Harvey. “So far there’s not been a mention of them again.”

Goldman added, concerned about the series’ longterm impact, “There’s gonna be a whole generation of people who never knew anything about this trial, that will see this series and take it as gospel, when in fact it won’t be.”

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