On October 15, 911 dispatchers received a call from Ron Ely’s Hope Ranch home, in which a male voice stated that “the father tried to attack the mother.” When officers arrived at the scene of the crime in Santa Barbara County they found Valerie Ely, 62, dead. Ron and Valerie’s son Cameron Ely, 30, had stabbed his mother to death and then tried blaming it on his father. Police perceived Cameron to be a threat at the scene and fatally shot him in his home.

For precaution, Ron was taken to the hospital following the incident and was luckily released with no injuries.


Ron and Valerie spent much of their younger years in the spotlight. While Ron is best known for portraying Tarzan in the NBC series Tarzan from 1966 to1968, Valerie is best known for competing in the Miss Florida competition while representing Miami. She had worked as a flight attendant who participated in beauty pageants for a living and had won Miss Airlines International in 1981.

Cameron was the couple’s youngest child and was a 2012 psychology-major graduate from Harvard. The 30-year-old had also played for his school’s football team back in 2007. Kirsten and Kaitland Ely, Cameron’s 32-year-old sisters, are social media influencers, but have not yet made a public comment about their family loss.


The investigation is ongoing while Cameron and his mother are being autopsied.

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