The Rolling Stones released a music video for “Ride ‘Em On Down” starring Kristen Stewart on Thursday.

‘Ride ‘Em On Down’ Music Video

Eddie Taylor originally recorded “Ride ‘Em on Down” in 1955. This is the band’s first single off their 25th studio album, as well as the first in more than a decade.

“It made itself,” guitarist Keith Richards told Rolling Stone in November of recording the album in three days. “[It was also the product of] a lifetime’s research.”

“This is the best record Mick Jagger has ever made,” he added. “It was just watching the guy enjoying doing what he really can do better than anybody else. And also, the band ain’t too shabby.”

Stewart appeared in The Stones’ latest music video as a “bad girl” dancing and driving through L.A.

“It didn’t take much more than a few words to get me amped on the idea,” Stewart said in a statement. “The Stones. A ’65 Mustang. Alone in Los Angeles. And the shoot was just as dreamy as the idea. We tore L.A. apart in a day and we had one hell of a soundtrack.”

You can watch the new music video here:


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