Rock legend Rod Stewart and his son are facing simple battery charges after an altercation with a security guard during a private event at The Breakers hotel in Palm Beach on New Year’s Eve.

The security guard, Jessie Dixon, said Stewart’s group was at a check-in table for a private party they weren’t authorized to attend. When the group became loud and chaotic, Dixon put his hand on Stewart’s son’s chest, which is when he got in Dixon’s face.

Sean Stewart then shoved Dixon when Rod Stewart, 74, punched Dixon in the rib cage area.

Employees said they saw both Stewarts partake in the altercation and security footage determined they were the “primary aggressors”.

Dixon signed an affidavit saying he wants to press charges against the Stewarts and both received notices to appear in court early February.

The two face simple battery charges and there has been no comment by their representation.