Robin Quivers returned to her post in the studio by Howard Stern’s side after 17 months away fighting cancer. Quivers, who has long acted as a co-host on Stern’s radio show, left the studio in 2012 to fight cancer found in her uterine tissue, but continued to contribute from home.

Stern seemed relieved to have Quivers back in the studio, calling the Wednesday broadcast a “triumphant return.”

Stern welcomed Quivers back with celebratory horn music and admitted that there was a time he thought they would never be in the studio together again. When Quivers announced her battle with cancer in September on the Howard Stern Show, Stern said that when he first heard the news, he thought he would need to begin funeral arrangements.

“I could never be without you again,” Stern said.

Quivers also appeared thrilled to return to the studio cancer-free, saying, “It’s pretty amazing. I was brushing my teeth this morning and thinking about going back on the air for the first time after surgery and how incredibly difficult that was. And today not feeling anything at all. It was just a normal day. You can get up and brush your teeth, throw on your clothes and run out the door.”

Quivers also received welcome back messages from President Obama and his wife Michelle Obama, as well as a message from Oprah Winfrey.

“I’ve been praying for this day, and I’m really happy that you are here, and it makes me very, very happy,” Stern added.

In celebration of her return to the studio, Quivers made an appearance on Today Thursday and assured fans that she is, in fact, cancer free.

“I feel fantastic… I’ve been declared cancer-free for about three or four months now,” she said.

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Quivers credits her recovery do to the healthy lifestyle she adopted after 9/11, and has released a book detailing her health journey, titled The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life.

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